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Eduactors, Public Health specialists, professional photographers During the year, individual volunteers spend 10 days to 4 weeks in Yantalo. Teaching English, art to preK, sports and music. Our international guests include volunteers from Canada, USA, Spain, Italy, and most recently from Holland and Norway! Currently 2 MPH ladies are conducting seminars on Hygiene, Nutrition, Family Planning, Sexual Behaviour. A challange!

The Rotary Club of Gurnee, Illinois has approved and currently coordinating in bringing one HS student from Yantalo for a full year 2011-2012. Fours HS students, curently in 3rd grade have been selected.

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13th Mission January 16-23 2010:
The Pediatric Plastic Surgery team [3 surgeons, their anesthesiologists and surgery nurses] have volunteered to go to Yantalo. All members of the J Hopkins School of Medicine.


volunteer teacher in Yantalo
A volunteer introducing Sudoku to one of the three full time
English teachers at the school in Yantalo.

9th Mission: April 18-24 2009:
Dr D Schivone, DDS from Rochester, NY and assistant came to Yantalo on their second volunteer mission. They extracted 174 teeth in 97 kids [double and triple extractions!], trained a local nurse to be their assistant next time. Dr Schivone, friends and benefactors are very interested in building a 3-chair Dental Clinic in the campus of the Yantalo Pediatric Clinic and Diagnostic Center.

10th Mission: June 22 - July 2 2009:
Volunteer Medical students representing the U of Rochester NY Med School in NY [10 days], Dexter U Med School in Philadelphia [6 weeks], U of Memphis TN Grad Nurse [10 days]. Dr Roger from the Eye World Foundation and above students identified 42 cases of cataracts. Reading test were performed to 198 persons. Reading glasses were giving to all of them. Glasses were donated to the student from the U od Roc NY.

11th Mission: September 12-19 2009:
The Pediatric Surgery team from the Medical College of Wisconsin will visit Lima and Yantalo: the Chief Surgeon plus 2 pediatric surgeons and a PA. One of them, Dr Sato, is a world authority in pediatric laparoscopic surgery. In Lima they will do a one day seminar on GI Pediatric Surgery at the Rebagliati Hospital, case discussions and training the staff on laparoscopic surgery In Moyobamab/Yantalo they will do GI pediatric surgery on pre.selected cases at the eSalud and Minsa hospitals. The Children's Hospital of Milwaukee and the Yantalo Foundation are considering a ten year agreement. This visit will evaluate other surgical areas in need of qualified professionals. DID YOU KNOW THAT PERU HAS ONLY THREE FULLY TRAINED PEDIATRIC SURGEONS? Meaning 5 years of residence in general surgery and 2 in pediatric surgery?? Therefore, most surgeons do pediatric surgery, but not fully trained. SAME is true for pediatric nephrology! Of which 2 are in Cayetano!

12th Mission: December 1-10 2009:
Three dentists affiliated to Rush Univ in Chicago will go to Yantalo. Along with the head of the pathology lab of the Children Hospital in Milwaukee [ a facility 270 beds and 14 ORs working full time]. The pathology team is designing the Lab for the Yantalo Clinic and providing funds to equip and train our staff.

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