Volunteer in Peru

Internship Opportunities

As a student, you are receiving the best education and you need more experience before applying for a professional position in your field. The Yantalo Peru Foundation encourages you to share your knowledge while gaining valuable experience in a variety of areas tailored to your needs.

Interning at the Clinic will provide one of a kind day-to-day learning experiences that will not only reinforce your studies, but build on your cultural competence and exposure to work with a spectrum of different people in a very welcoming Latin American community.

Yantalo is an ideal location to challenge and reinforce your studies including, but not limited to, areas like education, medicine, nursing, dentistry, social work, public health, nutrition, culinary arts, administration, art, agriculture, environmental sciences and genetics.

If you are interested in learning more about how to intern with the Foundation, please send an inquiry via the Contact Us section. Include your institution, availability, ideas for specific projects you would like to do and any questions.

"Mi experiencia en Yantalo como voluntaria superó mis expectativas. Realizamos nuestro trabajo de investigación de una manera muy provechosa, con ayuda de mucha gente amable. Espero, con este trabajo, ayudar a la comunidad de Yantaló y estoy dispuesta a regresar en un future porque he quedado muy satisfecha." - Alexandra, Universidad San Martín de Porras, 2013