Volunteer in Peru

Get Involved

If you do not have the time to travel to Yantalo, you can still get involved and involve others by becoming a Yantalo Peru Foundation ambassador.

Share information from the clinic's construction and medical mission updates, while at the same time generating donations. Encourage dentists, physicians, nurses, teachers and other professionals to get involved in missions to Yantalo throughout the year.

Sponsor a child's education at the Dionisio Ocampo Chávez Educational Institution in Yantalo or help a recent high school graduate go to college. Help contribute towards an English teacher's annual salary at the local school or help fund the computer classroom's maintenance. The Clinic is always in need of school supplies, construction materials and other donated item as well.

Encourage members of your local school, church, club or hospital to contact corporations and local businesses in order to collect schools supplies, medical supplies and computers, etc.

Help organize groups to travel to Yantalo. If the organizer has more than 12 people in their group, the Foundation will pay for the leader's travel.

You decide how to best get involved. You determine how your contribution can benefit the Clinic and the people it serves by helping us improve the health and education in Yantalo. No matter how big or small, your involvement is greatly appreciated.

Yantalo children

"I very much enjoyed my time in Yantalo. The people here treated me like family, and they really made me feel at home. They were all friendly and eager to help me with the project I was working on as well as ultimately see and use the results to better their community."

-Shivann, Univeristy of Texas Southwest Medical Center, 2013