Volunteer in Peru

Welcome to Yantalo, Peru

We have built a campus of GLOBAL HEALTH
Please come to Yantalo as a Volunteer.
Have other creative ways of helping? Please contact us.

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Education: you can teach English or Math, Music or Dance, Art or computer skills, Sports events, or Social Sciences. Come to Yantalo to learn or improve your Spanish. Student Teachers and Students of Spanish will be immersed in the language while enjoying the people and at the end of your journey you will notice an improvement even if you only stay for as little as 4 weeks. We urgently need teachers to invest time in the adult Literacy programs.

Health Care: you can treat patients from all ages! Most do not have the means to travel to a major city for medical treatment. You can also run workshops on Public Health: nutrition, family planning, sexual education, preventive medicine. We urgently need dentists.

Culture: Peru is an open Museum of Cultural Adventures. Your stay in Yantalo will be most gratifying: very poor people with the highest degree of pride, integrity and happiness. Before or after you Volunteer time in Yantalo, you may wish to visit other Cultural areas, such as Cuzco’s Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Colca Canyon, and / or other architectural and archaeological treasures throughout Peru.